About IndieMade Press

IndieMade.com, founded in 2009, to provide an easy, elegant website builder for artists.  The founders, being indie business owners themselves, realized no affordable robust website provider exsisted geared to the needs of the micro business owner.

Each website built with IndieMade.com is unique, as they can be customized to fit the needs of their customers. Now writers, artists, crafters, photographers, or any artisan, can create a website that’s fully customizable and can be set up in minutes.

IndieMade Press was born out of the same idea.  We design and publish books and ebooks for indie authors.  So often, the best books are ignored by traditional publishers.  Our first book, written by novelist Molly Moynahan, illustrated and designed by Jennifer Rapp Peterson, will be released on Amazon in February and available here in ebook format. 

Independent artists and writers have more opportunity today than ever before.  For boutique publishers and independent writers, the internet and digital book publishing services have opened up an entirely new marketplace.  

If you need help designing or publishing your book, please let us know!